Top 5 Gift Ideas for Women Over 45

For women, there are numbers that have a lot of significance. Seriously, 30 is ravishingly significant. However, 40 and 50 are bigger numbers, which require more concern and attention. In between that is 45. What makes this a great big round number is that most women experience menopause between 45 and 50. Even if a lady would want to keep things quiet and dignified, her body just would not stop screaming at the changes that are happening.

To celebrate this hormone changing milestone, and also to give women aged 45 and older all the credit and love that they are due, you should seriously consider these 5 low-key gift ideas. These are not jewels or vacations, but they are sincere, well thought out and, in the grand scheme of things, very helpful. Women at the edge of menopause would appreciate these gifts.

1. Hair products

Of little note about hormonal changes prior to and during menopause is that the body as a whole changes. Aging, in general, is a time when people lose skin elasticity, as well as that shiny bouncy hair. Hair products for mature women, especially those approaching menopause, would be very much appreciated. What these hair products have in common is the added bounce, making for better looking hair. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, no matter if its waist-length or pixie short.

The best shampoo for menopausal hair should add lustre, bounce and vibrancy. All natural products are helpful in bringing back the youth in hair. The excitement can be seen in the vibrancy. It also helps keep women excited about taking care of themselves and their hair. Go for salon quality or “industrial strength” support. Women would appreciate it.

2. Lotion for extra dry skin

Skin loses its elasticity as we grow older. This is true for men as well as for women. For men, the extra creases are a sign of character. For women, the wrinkles are a sign they married a character, and hence need all the spring back into their skin.

Instead of trying to find skin lotions for elasticity, use lotions formulated for extra dry skin, or for those who spend time at the beach. The healing ingredients usually include a healthy dose of aloe vera, which is a natural moisturizer. Using heavy moisturizing or healing quality levels may seem to make skin tone an emergency of sorts. The truth is, after more than 40 years of life, you should be bathing in extra moisturizing lotion to get the great skin complexion back.

Women may not be able to get their 20-year old self’s skin back, however, the luxurious feel is a decadent pleasure, which a 40-something lady would appreciate.

3. Aromatherapy sets

Admittedly, not everyone is attracted to aromatherapy. An aromatherapy set can be a starter kit for those who have never experienced the sensation before, or it can also be a well-appreciated long and languorous bath. Relaxing does not begin to describe this delicious feeling when you have a proper aromatherapy bath.

These kits usually also include oils and perfumes. The perfumes themselves are less about layering it on the body, but more about creating an ambience in the room. There are also different kinds of oils, from relaxing, to sleep-inducing and invigorating oils. The oils are usually coconut oil based, and not mineral oils. Oil scents include peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, and a host of others. There are also bath oils, as well as massage oils. As a gift, try not to smother with too many choices. Pick one and stick with it. Too many scents lead to sensory overload, and a headache.

4. Starter sets

There are many kinds of hobby starter sets. You would have to choose wisely as to what type of person you are giving the gift to. There are starter sets for crochet, knitting, cross-stitch, as well as oil painting and calligraphy. Pre-menopause, or during menopause is a good time as any to start a hobby. This may be totally new to your lady friend, but it is something that puts a different perspective on life. It makes everything more relaxing and enjoyable. It also puts extra time to good use.

5. Scarf

There is a renaissance in scarfs. It has gone back in fashion. However, unlike traditional scarfs, which were dainty pieces of accessories, today’s scarfs have a more utilitarian bent. Whereas scarfs were originally wound around the head or the neck, today’s scarfs serve more than just a decorative use.

They can be used to keep the hair from flying while riding a bike or a moped. These can also be used to protect against the sun. It is not uncommon to have a scarf double as a headdress at the beach, as well as being used as a flimsy shawl around the shoulders, or even wrapped around the waist.

The modern scarf is a very useful gift to a modern woman. She will greatly appreciate the scarf, as well as the thought behind the gift.

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What’s Going to be the Top Christmas Present this Year?


Christmas is fast approaching and it’s never too early to prepare your gifts if you’re the type who would make a Christmas list of the people you want to give gifts to. Coming up with unique gift ideas year in and year out can be a challenge. For kids, toys are still the best options if you want to make sure they will like your gift. With too many options, it could also be quite a challenge to choose the one to give.

Last year, top Christmas gifts given to children are toys influenced by TV shows and movies. Others include Lego, Nerf products and racecars for boys. This year, predicted favorites include BB8 remote control, LEGO Nexo Knights, Furby Connect, Barbie 3-storey townhouse and an electric motorcycle for kids. Let’s take a look at why electric motorcycles are included in the list.

What’s the Buzz about Bikes?

If motorcycles are very attractive for adults, then electric motorcycles are a sure hit to children. You can find children who, despite their age, already show their love for riding motorbikes and these kid-friendly rides give them a chance to do what they like. Through these toys, they can experience how it is to ride their motorcycles. Some parents even buy their kids motorcycle to develop their riding skills, and they choose electric motorcycles as trial bikes. No wonder e-motorcycles or dirt bikes are predicted to be one of the top Christmas presents this year.

Electric motorcycles are somewhat smaller versions of regular motorcycles. They are easy to ride, lightweight and often act as trial bike for youngsters. Other major differences apart from size are the engine, performance and limited suspension emotions. Gas powered motorbikes were introduced earlier, but electric bikes are growing in popularity because they are silent, efficient and easy to ride, not to mention prices are also attractive. However, remember that it is not for street use. This means that these dirt bikes can only be operated on private properties and racetracks. Since these are designed for children, they have limited suspension options. Low-priced products do not even have suspension options while more advanced models have both front and rear suspension.

Choosing Electric Motorcycles to Buy

Every child is different, so when buying an electric motorcycle for your child, consider his age and riding skills. Most kids are ready to ride at age 3 or 4. It’s smart to invest into larger sized dirt bike for the kid not to outgrow it too soon. For first-time rider, you can go for models that have lower seats that make kids feel in control. These are lightweight and unintimidating but challenging enough. Also, look at the weight of the bike. The lighter it is, the easier it is to maneuver. Smaller bikes can weight as light as 20 pounds and bigger ones weigh between 60 and 120 pounds. The more they like their electric motorcycle, the more they will enjoy physical activity that makes them forget about gadgets and TV’s. Riding is not just fun, it also engages their minds and bodies.

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Why a Clean and Tidy Home is Important to Creativity

Why a Clean and Tidy Home is Important to CreativityAs strange as it may seem, there is an illusive connection between the cleanliness of a work environment and the amount of creativity that can be produced. Many creative people work out of their homes. It shouldn’t be difficult to understand why a clean and tidy home is important to creativity. After all, it’s hard to concentrate in a home environment that is dingy, cluttered, or confused.

Cleanliness is important, both inside and outside the home. Creative people often choose to do their work outdoors, because it provides the most inviting landscape and encourages lofty thoughts.

What does the inside and outside of your home look like? Does it encourage creativity, or stifle it? Here are some suggestions for making the place where you live a cleaner, healthier environment that encourages your best ideas.

Working Indoors

Set up a work station by the window where you can look out at the beauty of nature and daydream. Daydreaming is not a mindless activity; rather, it stimulates creative thinking because it helps you to set aside the day’s realities. Keep your work station as free from excessive clutter as possible. If you have a dedicated room that you use at home for working, you might want to have it repainted in a color such as light blue, which stimulates the imagination.

Working Outdoors

If you can work outside on a patio, deck or porch, that’s ideal. You have the entire back yard to use as the palette of your imagination. A well-groomed yard that includes flowers, a tree or two, and a focal point such as a small fountain or man-made fish pond is the stuff of dreamers.

Don’t neglect the outside surface of your home. Nobody wants to have to work in front of a home that looks like it’s dingy and in disrepair. If that describes your home, there is an easy fix. Buy or rent a Wolf pressure washer for the outside of your home. It’s easy to use, but if you aren’t confident with home repair, ask a handyman to do it for you.

Try to eliminate distractions. Pick a time of day to work when children are at school and your work environment will be calming and quiet. You can also play soft background music for inspiration.

Nearly every job requires some creativity, so it makes sense to pay attention to the ways your work environment can improve your imagination. Such small details can actually make you a better, more efficient worker.

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Five Exercise Tips That Will Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Five Exercise Tips That Will Get Rid of Writer's BlockWhether you’re a professional writer or you simply love to write for your own pleasure, one thing that plagues everyone is writer’s block. This annoying metal state is a writer’s worst nightmare. Sometimes it seems that there is nothing you can do to get rid of writer’s block and many people simply give up writing because of it. But there is something that you can do to get rid of writer’s block and get you back to writing in no time at all. Below we will learn how exercise can help you get rid of even the worst writer’s block.

Five Exercise Tips That Will Help You Get Rid of Writer’s Block

1. Go for a walk

If you are faced with a terrible bout of writer’s block why not go for a walk to clear your mind. Make sure to carry a small notebook and a pen with you, in case you get any great ideas while you are out.

2. Practice yoga

Before your writer’s block can even show up, you can do something to prevent it. Yoga is a great exercise that will help keep your mind clear. If you practice yoga early in the morning you will have a clear mind all day long.

3. Take a swim break

If you have access to a pool or even a lake why not go for a swim if you are having writer’s block. This is a great way to end your writer’s block and have some fun exercise at the same time.

4. Hit the gym before lunch

If you hit the gym for just 30 minutes a day before lunch time, it will help to ward off writer’s block. This healthy habit will make you feel better and live longer as well.

Note: If you don’t have time to head to the gym or don’t have a gym membership, invest in exercise equipment like an elliptical machine for your home. Research in the best sellers and pick the best one for you.

5. Go for a bike ride

Another great way to clear your mind is to take a bike ride. If you are lucky enough to live near a park, you can ride your bike when you feel writer’s block coming on.

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Tips to Write Review for a Book

reviewIf you have planned to review a book, you need to read the book completely. I have written reviews for several books. I ensure to read each and every page in the book and even note down some interesting phrases and sentences to mention in my review.

Some books would not let you pause as it remains interesting in every way. It is not easy to review a book. It is possible only if you have excellent reading skills. When you read lots of books, you will know the plus and minus of the book. Here sharing my personal tips on how to review an interesting book.

readFind out the book by title and author. Ensure to mention the type of book. It could be autobiography, biography, nonfiction or fiction. You need to mention the theme of book. In some cases, you have to know the background of why the book has been written. It can be due to inspiration, major case or how it offers solutions.

Summarize the content by mentioning your favorite quotations and paraphrases. Ensure not to reveal the suspense mentioned in the book. You need to tempt the readers to start reading after finishing your review. It is necessary to talk about the book in an honest way.

Millions of readers will be checking your blog. You have to provide them true and accurate information. When you provide false details, they will lose the interest to read your book. Remember, the publisher and author will read your review before publishing on the website or other source. Moreover, online reviews are frequently read.

It is simple to write a review on a book in form of blog post. You will be sharing what you have read. When you try once, you get confidence to write more and more reviews.

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How to Sell Books through Blogs?

book sellMost writers will not know to promote their book. They would keep wondering how to make a successful sale. Well, it is simple. I am sharing some tips so that you can use it to promote your book. In the present digital environment, it is easy to sell books by blogging. It is preferred and viable for many authors.

Interest: You need to arouse interest in your audience. They should feel interested to read your book. It is possible only through blogging. You can write a blog about your book or what inspired to write a book on that particular theme. Blogs will help the audience to get an idea about your book. If you do not provide, they would not have any knowledge about your book.

sell used booksEngagement: It is best to use a social media channel to impress the audience. You can write a blog and share on the social networking page. It is difficult to do the marketing work on own. You can either outsource the marketing tasks to an expert or spend three hours a day to promote or market your book. When you promote your book through social media, you can get an excellent reach. More and more audience would get to know about your book. They may spread the information to their relatives and friends.

Quality contents: It is important to post quality contents. While blogging, you have to mention the highlights of the book. It should help other readers to take a decision. Solve a problem or answer a question asked by your reader while blogging.

Understanding: When you write blog, you will understand about your readers a lot. You will know their expectations. In simple words, your writing should be helpful to others.

Reader promotions: When someone reads your blog and feel impressed, they would comment and share the blog in their social media blog. This way, you can get an excellent reach for your book.

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Ideas to Start a Book Blog

bloggerAre you an avid reader? Do you spend your free time by reading books? If you have the habit of sharing the knowledge you gained from the book; you should start a book blog. There are millions of people who spend their leisure time by reading books. They may not know which book to read. They would first read a blog or review before picking a book. Why don’t you help them to pick a right book by suggesting in form of blog? Yes! It is possible. You can start a book blog and share knowledge of the book in form of blogs. Here sharing step by step instructions to start your book blog.

Think an attractive name:
It is best to give your name or give a creative name to your blog. Ensure the name focus on your requirement. There are several review sites. You can search and find a name for your site.

blogBlogging platform:
It is the most important thing you need to decide. WordPress is the best platform for bloggers. You have options blogger, wix and more. Ensure to check each platform and choose the one that you feel confident and comfortable. I have started my blog on WordPress. I love the features of WordPress, so I decided to start my review blog using that platform. Each person’s requirement differ.

Start your blog:
Start to write a review on a book you have recently read. As a reader, you will find easy to make your thoughts into words. I am sure you will not find much difficulty in writing. Keep sharing and posting. It will remain useful for people who constantly read lot of books. They can get an idea about the latest release, popular publications and top picks.

Ensure to add images and post. As you keep posting blogs, you will start to get a decent number of visitors on your website.

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Tips for Presenting your Book Reviews Orally

book reviewIf you are talking about your book in front of a large audience or to your classmates, you need to follow certain guidelines. You have to review the book in such a way it should make them read the book. It is best to talk from reader’s point of view. No matter, you are reviewing your book or a famous writer’s book, you should follow certain guidelines. I have experienced this situation several times in my life. At the start, I found tough since I am not a stage person. I got confidence as the audience appreciated and encouraged me.

You have to start talk by mentioning the title, author of the book and publication. The audience should know which book you are addressing. Speak clearly. Frame simple words. It should be understandable. Do not use complicated words. Look at your audience and talk boldly. It is not good to look like a professor. There should be some interaction between the speaker and the audience.

book review1Show the cover of the book. It helps in capturing audience attention. When you are speaking before the launch of the book, you have to give a quick glance to the book and explain in simple words. You should not bring out the main suspense of the book. Demonstrate the size, appearance and length of the book to the audience. Summarize the main content in two to four sentences.

It is best to practice once or twice before speaking. If you are speaking for the first time, you can practice at home or in front of the mirror. Mention one or two memorable features of the book. For example, you may like certain sentences or turning points in the book. You can mention them to the audience. It is your wish to stand or sit. Do not just read the review. If you have written the review already, ensure to read it in a conversational tone.