What’s Going to be the Top Christmas Present this Year?


Christmas is fast approaching and it’s never too early to prepare your gifts if you’re the type who would make a Christmas list of the people you want to give gifts to. Coming up with unique gift ideas year in and year out can be a challenge. For kids, toys are still the best options if you want to make sure they will like your gift. With too many options, it could also be quite a challenge to choose the one to give.

Last year, top Christmas gifts given to children are toys influenced by TV shows and movies. Others include Lego, Nerf products and racecars for boys. This year, predicted favorites include BB8 remote control, LEGO Nexo Knights, Furby Connect, Barbie 3-storey townhouse and an electric motorcycle for kids. Let’s take a look at why electric motorcycles are included in the list.

What’s the Buzz about Bikes?

If motorcycles are very attractive for adults, then electric motorcycles are a sure hit to children. You can find children who, despite their age, already show their love for riding motorbikes and these kid-friendly rides give them a chance to do what they like. Through these toys, they can experience how it is to ride their motorcycles. Some parents even buy their kids motorcycle to develop their riding skills, and they choose electric motorcycles as trial bikes. No wonder e-motorcycles or dirt bikes are predicted to be one of the top Christmas presents this year.

Electric motorcycles are somewhat smaller versions of regular motorcycles. They are easy to ride, lightweight and often act as trial bike for youngsters. Other major differences apart from size are the engine, performance and limited suspension emotions. Gas powered motorbikes were introduced earlier, but electric bikes are growing in popularity because they are silent, efficient and easy to ride, not to mention prices are also attractive. However, remember that it is not for street use. This means that these dirt bikes can only be operated on private properties and racetracks. Since these are designed for children, they have limited suspension options. Low-priced products do not even have suspension options while more advanced models have both front and rear suspension.

Choosing Electric Motorcycles to Buy

Every child is different, so when buying an electric motorcycle for your child, consider his age and riding skills. Most kids are ready to ride at age 3 or 4. It’s smart to invest into larger sized dirt bike for the kid not to outgrow it too soon. For first-time rider, you can go for models that have lower seats that make kids feel in control. These are lightweight and unintimidating but challenging enough. Also, look at the weight of the bike. The lighter it is, the easier it is to maneuver. Smaller bikes can weight as light as 20 pounds and bigger ones weigh between 60 and 120 pounds. The more they like their electric motorcycle, the more they will enjoy physical activity that makes them forget about gadgets and TV’s. Riding is not just fun, it also engages their minds and bodies.

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