Ideas to Start a Book Blog

bloggerAre you an avid reader? Do you spend your free time by reading books? If you have the habit of sharing the knowledge you gained from the book; you should start a book blog. There are millions of people who spend their leisure time by reading books. They may not know which book to read. They would first read a blog or review before picking a book. Why don’t you help them to pick a right book by suggesting in form of blog? Yes! It is possible. You can start a book blog and share knowledge of the book in form of blogs. Here sharing step by step instructions to start your book blog.

Think an attractive name:
It is best to give your name or give a creative name to your blog. Ensure the name focus on your requirement. There are several review sites. You can search and find a name for your site.

blogBlogging platform:
It is the most important thing you need to decide. WordPress is the best platform for bloggers. You have options blogger, wix and more. Ensure to check each platform and choose the one that you feel confident and comfortable. I have started my blog on WordPress. I love the features of WordPress, so I decided to start my review blog using that platform. Each person’s requirement differ.

Start your blog:
Start to write a review on a book you have recently read. As a reader, you will find easy to make your thoughts into words. I am sure you will not find much difficulty in writing. Keep sharing and posting. It will remain useful for people who constantly read lot of books. They can get an idea about the latest release, popular publications and top picks.

Ensure to add images and post. As you keep posting blogs, you will start to get a decent number of visitors on your website.

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