Tips for Presenting your Book Reviews Orally

book reviewIf you are talking about your book in front of a large audience or to your classmates, you need to follow certain guidelines. You have to review the book in such a way it should make them read the book. It is best to talk from reader’s point of view. No matter, you are reviewing your book or a famous writer’s book, you should follow certain guidelines. I have experienced this situation several times in my life. At the start, I found tough since I am not a stage person. I got confidence as the audience appreciated and encouraged me.

You have to start talk by mentioning the title, author of the book and publication. The audience should know which book you are addressing. Speak clearly. Frame simple words. It should be understandable. Do not use complicated words. Look at your audience and talk boldly. It is not good to look like a professor. There should be some interaction between the speaker and the audience.

book review1Show the cover of the book. It helps in capturing audience attention. When you are speaking before the launch of the book, you have to give a quick glance to the book and explain in simple words. You should not bring out the main suspense of the book. Demonstrate the size, appearance and length of the book to the audience. Summarize the main content in two to four sentences.

It is best to practice once or twice before speaking. If you are speaking for the first time, you can practice at home or in front of the mirror. Mention one or two memorable features of the book. For example, you may like certain sentences or turning points in the book. You can mention them to the audience. It is your wish to stand or sit. Do not just read the review. If you have written the review already, ensure to read it in a conversational tone.


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