Top 5 Gift Ideas for Women Over 45

For women, there are numbers that have a lot of significance. Seriously, 30 is ravishingly significant. However, 40 and 50 are bigger numbers, which require more concern and attention. In between that is 45. What makes this a great big round number is that most women experience menopause between 45 and 50. Even if a lady would want to keep things quiet and dignified, her body just would not stop screaming at the changes that are happening.

To celebrate this hormone changing milestone, and also to give women aged 45 and older all the credit and love that they are due, you should seriously consider these 5 low-key gift ideas. These are not jewels or vacations, but they are sincere, well thought out and, in the grand scheme of things, very helpful. Women at the edge of menopause would appreciate these gifts.

1. Hair products

Of little note about hormonal changes prior to and during menopause is that the body as a whole changes. Aging, in general, is a time when people lose skin elasticity, as well as that shiny bouncy hair. Hair products for mature women, especially those approaching menopause, would be very much appreciated. What these hair products have in common is the added bounce, making for better looking hair. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, no matter if its waist-length or pixie short.

The best shampoo for menopausal hair should add lustre, bounce and vibrancy. All natural products are helpful in bringing back the youth in hair. The excitement can be seen in the vibrancy. It also helps keep women excited about taking care of themselves and their hair. Go for salon quality or “industrial strength” support. Women would appreciate it.

2. Lotion for extra dry skin

Skin loses its elasticity as we grow older. This is true for men as well as for women. For men, the extra creases are a sign of character. For women, the wrinkles are a sign they married a character, and hence need all the spring back into their skin.

Instead of trying to find skin lotions for elasticity, use lotions formulated for extra dry skin, or for those who spend time at the beach. The healing ingredients usually include a healthy dose of aloe vera, which is a natural moisturizer. Using heavy moisturizing or healing quality levels may seem to make skin tone an emergency of sorts. The truth is, after more than 40 years of life, you should be bathing in extra moisturizing lotion to get the great skin complexion back.

Women may not be able to get their 20-year old self’s skin back, however, the luxurious feel is a decadent pleasure, which a 40-something lady would appreciate.

3. Aromatherapy sets

Admittedly, not everyone is attracted to aromatherapy. An aromatherapy set can be a starter kit for those who have never experienced the sensation before, or it can also be a well-appreciated long and languorous bath. Relaxing does not begin to describe this delicious feeling when you have a proper aromatherapy bath.

These kits usually also include oils and perfumes. The perfumes themselves are less about layering it on the body, but more about creating an ambience in the room. There are also different kinds of oils, from relaxing, to sleep-inducing and invigorating oils. The oils are usually coconut oil based, and not mineral oils. Oil scents include peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, and a host of others. There are also bath oils, as well as massage oils. As a gift, try not to smother with too many choices. Pick one and stick with it. Too many scents lead to sensory overload, and a headache.

4. Starter sets

There are many kinds of hobby starter sets. You would have to choose wisely as to what type of person you are giving the gift to. There are starter sets for crochet, knitting, cross-stitch, as well as oil painting and calligraphy. Pre-menopause, or during menopause is a good time as any to start a hobby. This may be totally new to your lady friend, but it is something that puts a different perspective on life. It makes everything more relaxing and enjoyable. It also puts extra time to good use.

5. Scarf

There is a renaissance in scarfs. It has gone back in fashion. However, unlike traditional scarfs, which were dainty pieces of accessories, today’s scarfs have a more utilitarian bent. Whereas scarfs were originally wound around the head or the neck, today’s scarfs serve more than just a decorative use.

They can be used to keep the hair from flying while riding a bike or a moped. These can also be used to protect against the sun. It is not uncommon to have a scarf double as a headdress at the beach, as well as being used as a flimsy shawl around the shoulders, or even wrapped around the waist.

The modern scarf is a very useful gift to a modern woman. She will greatly appreciate the scarf, as well as the thought behind the gift.

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