Why a Clean and Tidy Home is Important to Creativity

Why a Clean and Tidy Home is Important to CreativityAs strange as it may seem, there is an illusive connection between the cleanliness of a work environment and the amount of creativity that can be produced. Many creative people work out of their homes. It shouldn’t be difficult to understand why a clean and tidy home is important to creativity. After all, it’s hard to concentrate in a home environment that is dingy, cluttered, or confused.

Cleanliness is important, both inside and outside the home. Creative people often choose to do their work outdoors, because it provides the most inviting landscape and encourages lofty thoughts.

What does the inside and outside of your home look like? Does it encourage creativity, or stifle it? Here are some suggestions for making the place where you live a cleaner, healthier environment that encourages your best ideas.

Working Indoors

Set up a work station by the window where you can look out at the beauty of nature and daydream. Daydreaming is not a mindless activity; rather, it stimulates creative thinking because it helps you to set aside the day’s realities. Keep your work station as free from excessive clutter as possible. If you have a dedicated room that you use at home for working, you might want to have it repainted in a color such as light blue, which stimulates the imagination.

Working Outdoors

If you can work outside on a patio, deck or porch, that’s ideal. You have the entire back yard to use as the palette of your imagination. A well-groomed yard that includes flowers, a tree or two, and a focal point such as a small fountain or man-made fish pond is the stuff of dreamers.

Don’t neglect the outside surface of your home. Nobody wants to have to work in front of a home that looks like it’s dingy and in disrepair. If that describes your home, there is an easy fix. Buy or rent a Wolf pressure washer for the outside of your home. It’s easy to use, but if you aren’t confident with home repair, ask a handyman to do it for you. You’ll be surprised how much better a new or old home can look with its exterior cleaned using one of the top 10 pressure washers.

Try to eliminate distractions. Pick a time of day to work when children are at school and your work environment will be calming and quiet. You can also play soft background music for inspiration.

Nearly every job requires some creativity, so it makes sense to pay attention to the ways your work environment can improve your imagination. Such small details can actually make you a better, more efficient worker.

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